I lost a much-loved friend, suddenly in 2019. Today on Wednesday 19th July 2023, he would have been celebrating his 50th birthday.

He was stung by a hornet and had a catastrophic allergic reaction. For a week he was kept alive by machines in hospital, but sadly his family had to take the decision to turn the machines off.

His funeral perfectly reflected how he lived his life, with lots of details that were unique and special to him. It showed me how funerals could be and that the collaborative process of creating something so very personal, could really help those left behind with their grief. I had wanted to be a funeral director for some time and attending his funeral was a transformative experience for me. I realised at the age of 51, that I had to seize the moment or live to regret it. With this in mind, I set about creating White Feather, so that I could help families find perfectly tailored and poignant ways to say goodbye to someone they love.

Now nearly three years on after opening White Feather, I have had the privilege of helping many, many families do just this. It’s a tough job, but immensely rewarding and I am so very grateful to Ade for being the catalyst that led me here.

Happy birthday Ade, I miss you xxx