From dinosaurs & entreprenuers to coffins & care.

Back in 2015, my day job involved moving dinosaurs setting up an Virgin entrepreneur event in Birmingham. I loved the buzz of that job, meeting passionate people starting businesses and hearing success stories from those that had already achieved much – Richard Branson,  the founders of Not on The High St, Jack Wills, Innocent and many more. I had freelanced for many years in the marketing world, but had a long term desire to be a funeral director.


Eight years on, I am doing just that. And I love my job. The hours are torturous, you are never off duty – always at the end of the phone, you are supporting people who are often hurting, shocked and confused. You are caring for their loved ones. But working with families to create a ‘good funeral’ is worth it all.


What is a ‘good funeral’? It is a funeral where the family contribute with their memories and we work together to create personal touches like a colour; a favourite pair of shoes; a hat or a fishing rod on the coffin. Or a live performance; an original poem written & read by a relative; pieces of art that the deceased created. Or just simply, tears & laughter. A funeral is a sad occasion but our lives are full of joyous & funny moments and these are wonderful to be recalled when saying goodbye to someone.


So, from dinosaurs & entrepreneurs to coffins & care. Best decision I ever made.