How much it costs

We don’t offer standard packages, knowing each funeral is bespoke and different. Families that are on a low income may qualify for a social fund funeral payment, we can assist you in making a claim.

Here is a quick guide to the services we offer:

Unattended cremation £1,745

Simple cremation from £3,817

Simple burial from £3,890

Example costs below.


A typical example of a cremation funeral with the service at Wealden crematorium:

  • Our professional fee: £1,875
  • Coffin – simple coffin: £380
  • Hearse and chauffeur: £275
  • Four pallbearers: £220
  • Minister/Celebrant: £220
  • Crematorium service and cremation fee: £885
  • Doctors fees: £82
  • Example cost = £3,937


A typical example of a funeral with a burial at Theobalds burial ground:

  • Our professional fee: £1,875
  • Coffin – simple coffin: £380
  • Hearse and chauffeur: £300
  • Four pallbearers: £300
  • Minister/Celebrant: £220
  • Plot, Interment and grave preparation: Parishioner £960 (Non Parishioner £1,880)
  • Example cost = £4,035

Prices may vary depending on what coffin you choose and how many cars you may want for the funeral.

Our professional fee of £1,875 includes:

  • An initial meeting with you to explore all of your options and complete the paperwork.
  • Collection of the person who has died within a 20 mile radius. Outside of this distance will incur additional costs. There is an extra cost of £50 for collecting someone between 6pm – 8am and at weekends.
  • Dedicated and gentle care of the person who has died in our onsite private mortuary.
  • Use of our onsite chapel of rest for you to spend time with your loved one.
  • Our full attention throughout the process, so you can create the funeral that works best for you.
  • Our support on the day, with one of us on hand, to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Unattended cremation: £1,745 including third party costs.

This means we’ll look after your loved one and organise a private cremation. This is the option to choose if you would rather not be present at the cremation. Then you can collect the ashes and arrange your own memorial service, where and when you choose.

In this option, we can:

  • Meet with you to finalise the details and complete the paperwork.
  • Collect the person who has died and take them safely to our private mortuary. There’s an additional cost of £50 for collecting someone between 6pm and 8am and weekends.
  • Provide a simple coffin
  • Take your loved one from our funeral home to the crematorium. The date, time and venue is arranged by us. As it is a private cremation, you would not be present. It’s important to consider this carefully, and only choose this option if it feels right for you.
  • Provide a simple container for storing the ashes.
  • You can collect the ashes from us and arrange your own memorial service independently, wherever suits you best.
  • Optional extras available – viewing of loved one and upgrade of the coffin, please ask.

The costs must be fully paid 48 hours in advance of the cremation.

Other Costs

Limousine £240

Floral tributes from £80

Order of service:

Design fee from £25

4 pages £1.75 per copy

8 pages £2.25 per copy

12 pages £2.75 per copy

Additional pallbearer £55



Some of the costs associated with funerals are called disbursements. They are third party costs which are paid by us on your behalf. They vary depending on what kind of funeral you choose but can include cremation or burial fees (eg. The cost of creating a new grave, adding to a grave or grave digging fees). As these are payments made by us on your behalf, we ask that all disbursements are paid in full before the day of the funeral. When you arrange the funeral with us initially, we’ll ask for 50% deposit. The remaining balance of account will be due within 14 days from the date of the funeral.

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