Our story

How we started

We started White Feather Funerals because we wanted to offer grieving families in Heathfield something better.

Both of our lives have been changed by losing someone dear.

© Tom Oldham

Our inspiration Adrian Spooner 

Lucy lost a much-loved friend, suddenly. His funeral was a transformative experience, which truly matched how he lived his life, with lots of details that were unique and special to him. It showed her how funerals could be. Perfectly tailored and poignant ways to say goodbye to someone we love.

Our inspiration Pauline Newman 

When Dawn lost her mum. Organising the funeral was painful, and she wasn’t aware of all the options available. Instead, she had to choose a standard package that didn’t fully reflect her mum. She felt compelled to start White Feather with Lucy, so other families wouldn’t go through the same thing.

© Tania Orgill

What makes us different

We are an independent funeral service in Heathfield, East Sussex.

We believe that everyone has the right to say goodbye to the person they love in the way that truly suits them best.

We provide a contemporary, transparent, female-led service. We personally look after your loved ones on our premises in Heathfield, caring for them until their final journey. Just as women have being doing for their loved ones from the beginning of time. We will not ask you to fit into a standard package, instead we’ll help you create the bespoke funeral you want. That means listening to you carefully, supporting you fully and guiding you compassionately.

We’ll do it in a way that’s kind and caring, fair and true.

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Why white feather?

White feather symbolism has a long history among people all over the world as being the symbol of peace, pacifism, spiritual unity and enlightenment. Many people grieving for loved ones are encouraged & uplifted upon finding a white feather.

It can feel like a message from that person to remind the one left behind, that they are still with them. Whatever you believe, it is a beautiful example of the natural world and the circle of life.

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  • Hope is the thing with feathers,
  • That perches in the soul
  • And sings the tune without the words
  • And never stops at all.
  • Emily Dickinson

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27a High Street, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 8JR.

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If you’ve lost a loved one, find out what to do next.

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You can reach us at this address. hello@whitefeatherfunerals.com