How can I make this funeral unique?

Most people when asked, will say that the majority of funerals they have been too have been pretty similar. Creating an event that truly reflects your loved one doesn’t have to involve something really alternative. If you want a traditional funeral – small, personal touches can make it more personable and memorable.

Ideas to inspire you

Something to remember them by…

  • Green fingered? Personalised seed cards/wildflower bombs.
  • Foodie? How about their favourite recipe/s to take home and make?
  • Bookworm? Add personalised stickers to their ‘library’ commemorating your loved one and ask loved ones to choose one of their books.

Personalise their coffin

All sorts of choice available from a custom designed coffin with an image printed onto it. Or a cardboard coffin that friends & family can decorate and write messages on. A popular idea is to tie little wooden hearts onto a willow casket, with a message from close friends & family on each heart.

Tailor the transport

There are all sorts of vehicles available nowadays, outside of the traditional hearse or horse drawn carriage. VW campers, motorbike & sidecar, electric/eco cars, vintage cars or trucks.

The great outdoors

If the person loved the great outdoors, weather permitting – have the service outdoors! In a forest, a favourite meadow or in their own garden.

Fitting Themes

Theme the service – If your loved one was a huge fan of a club, film, TV series, celebrity or even a book why not reflect it in their funeral service, like the Harry Potter service we conducted recently.

Go eco

Someone who was concerned about climate change would want the least environmentally impactful send off. So many options these days from natural burials to contributing ashes with a memorial plaque to create new underwater reefs for marine life.

Create a memory board people can take away

You know all those amazing picture walls you see at funerals that spark those nostalgic memories? How about a whole show reel created from images shared, shown at the service or at the wake, that people can have emailed to them to keep for good?

Fire up the imagination

Some people want fireworks as part of the celebration of someone’s life. A display can be a fitting tribute, especially with a curated playlist that sums them up. You can now have cremation ashes put into the fireworks to triumphantly scatter them in a glorious riot of sound and light.

Festival feels

Get that bonfire going, some live music, BBQ and invite friends and family to camp out to celebrate the life of the person they have lost.

All at sea

For people who loved boats or being by the sea a more intimate way to remember them is to hire a boat to take you out to sea to scatter their ashes, or hold a picnic on their favourite beach.

  • I need to hear the stories
  • And the tales of days gone past
  • I need for you to understand
  • These memories must last.
  • Speak their name, Sophie Jewett

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