What would you want to take with you?

What would you want in your coffin?

Many families ask for certain things to be placed in the coffin with their loved one. It can be because they believe the person will need the items where they are going, or simply just to bring them comfort. We know from archaeologists that since the beginning of time this has been a tradition that communities have followed. Artifacts from graves have informed historians – so much can be learnt about the person’s status and life from what they have buried with them.

Nowadays the majority of people are cremated, but this doesn’t mean we cannot place significant items in their coffin with them. There are some restriction on the items for cremation as opposed to burial and green burials are more restrictive for obvious reasons, but some might surprise you.

Items that can bring comfort to those left behind

Popular items are favourite clothing, football scarves, blankets, soft toys, photos, letters, locks of hair (including those of pets), pet ashes, sentimental knick knacks and occasionally Bibles. For burials the more unusual items have been a favourite broom, a bottle of single malt, a hot water bottle, a packed lunch box, a favourite handbag with the essentials contained inside and a vape.

For cremation we have had a gentleman with Reynauds who was always cold whose family wanted him fully dressed, with hat coat & gloves, a duvet and a blanket. We have had packets of cigarettes, a packet of UNO cards, lottery tickets, racing tips, tissues, favourite lipstick, guitar strings…the list goes on. As long as it’s safe, we are more than happy to meet a family’s wishes. It certainly gives historians in years to come an interesting snap shot of someone’s life!

What you want to take with you?