How can I ensure my loved one will be treated with dignity & respect?

Our Standards

You may have seen the recent media coverage about Legacy funeral directors in Hull. I just wanted to reassure the local community, that the highest standards are adhered to at White Feather.

  • We are members of the Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) who have stringent codes of practice to abide by. They carry out inspections of their members premises to maintain compliance.
  • White Feather’s most recent inspection was in February 2024. In the inspector’s report our premises were described as ‘excellent, lovely & welcoming’, with ‘excellent and very respectful procedures in place’, ‘excellent mortuary facilities with great sensitivity & transparency shown’.
  • Every person is brought into our care individually by me in my private ambulance.
  • We look after the people in our care, how we’d like to be treated ourselves and have an open door policy for any family to be able to see our facilities. So, you can be assured that everyone in our care is treated with the utmost respect & dignity.

Funeral service trading bodies

There are two trade bodies for the funeral profession, SAIF and NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors). A funeral director does NOT have to belong to either, but we would always recommend families choose one that is a member of one of them. Membership means the company has to be accountable to someone and adhere to strict guidelines and be regularly inspected. Legacy’s membership of NAFD lapsed some years ago. If a funeral director are not members of either, then they are accountable to no-one.

Currently, the funeral profession is not regulated, however the majority of businesses in the profession are in favour of regulation. Regulation would avoid circumstances like the one unfolding in Hull and prevent the upset & worry that any families connected to this firm may be experiencing right now.