His last act of kindness

Over 13.6 million people watched The Duke Of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip’s funeral. It was widely agreed that is was a beautiful, poignant and elegant service with very little fuss, befitting the Prince who hated any ‘faff’. From the Land Rover hearse he specifically designed for purpose to the carefully chosen readings, hymns and music, this moving send off  was a unique reflection of who he was.
Having had Philip at her side for 73 years the Queen would have consulted him on many decisions she has made. How tender and kind
was this parting gesture to his lifelong partner and soulmate, to organise and decide on the detail of his own funeral? It shows great thoughtfulness that he spared her in her grief from making what can often be difficult decisions. Organising a loved one’s funeral can be a heavy burden to bear, especially as you struggle with the shock and sadness that their death brings. It can be very stressful to get different family members to agree on the things your  loved one would have wanted, especially if you had never had that conversation with them whilst they were still alive.
We applaud Prince Phillip for showing the world the difference planning ahead can make. As we watched in heartbreak as the Queen sat alone at her husband’s funeral, it brings some comfort to know that he took the extra burden of organising his funeral off of her shoulders.
We see first hand the distress disagreements about details for a funeral can bring and also how some families struggle to meet the costs
for a funeral. We believe it shows great kindness and foresight to plan and pay for your funeral in advance. That way no-one is placed in the
position of referee, has the burden of making important decisions or  has worry about how they are going to pay for the funeral.
By taking some time now, you can provide both financial and practical help for your loved ones in the future. This is why we offer funerals plans from Ecclesiastical, where your money is protected and unlike some other plans, every penny of the full value of the plan (excluding the initial management fee) is held securely in a whole of life assurance policy and ring fenced for your funeral for when the time comes. The funds cannot be used for anything else but your funeral.
In May 2021 we are running a special offer to anyone who books a funeral plan with us, instead of the usual initial management fee to set the plan up of £275, you will only pay £225 saving £50. Please call us on 01435 408650 or email us at hello@whitefeatherfunerals.com for more details.