Did you know 100% of people die?!

We don’t mean to make light of death, but there is literally no escaping it and leaving your family to second guess what you might have wanted after you have gone is hardly fair. Parental responsibility should extend to making sure your children aren’t left struggling to pay for your funeral. Money held in a savings account can easily end up being used for care home fees or end of life care costs, and families can be left waiting for many months for probate to pay out from a will. Which is why it is important to have a protected pot that is specifically for your funeral. We searched the market and decided to offer our Funeral Plans from Ecclesiastical, because we share their ethics & values.
We believe that the Funeral plans we offer represent the most financially secure and responsibly managed pre-payment option for our customers. This is because EPS “ring-fence” the fund pots and guarantee the funeral pre-payment amount for every plan that is arranged. They also aim to grow each funeral pre-payment by an amount that will outstrip inflation over the life of the plan. Provided by Ecclesiastical Planning Services, the funeral pre-payment funds are held securely in whole of life assurance policies that are designed specifically to support funeral pre-payment plans. Ecclesiastical only works with UK-based life assurance companies which are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the PRA and the Financial Conduct Authority.
What makes them different? 
  • Security and peace of mind – the whole funeral pre-payment amount is ring-fenced and secure for extra peace of mind for you.
  • Unlike other providers who guarantee a % return on your plan, 100% of all of the return on investment of funds from EPS, comes back to you. Other plan providers use the excess above the % guarantee fund marketing of the plans to prospective customers.
  • A special guarantee – the funeral pre-payment amount is guaranteed and will not fall in value irrespective of how the investments perform.
  • Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) – Ecclesiastical, as the plan provider, is an eligible claimant under the FSCS which provides an added level of comfort.
  •  The prospect of outstanding financial returns – the objective is to secure growth in plan values that outstrips inflation.  to
  •  A fast efficient service – a friendly and dedicated administration support team ensures that new business documentation is issued to the firm and their plan holders within five working days of receiving the correct paperwork. Claims payments are also made within five working days of receiving the appropriate paperwork.
  • Flexible payment options – you can pay for your funeral plan upfront or spread the cost with a range of instalment payment options.
In addition to making sure there is money to pay for your funeral you can have the peace of mind knowing that we will be caring for you and looking after your family in these difficult times. We can help you plan the details of the funeral too, taking the pressure off your loved ones so they aren’t faced with lots of decisions when they are grieving your loss.
A useful website Dying Matters provides further advice, guidance and planning tools.