Environmentally friendly funerals

There is much more concern these days for us to be more aware of how our behaviour affects the planet. We need to apply this to funerals too. It is somewhat puzzling that families would want to spend a fortune on a coffin for it to be put in the ground or burnt. That’s why if families are concerned about their carbon footprint and their pocket, we highly recommend LifeArt coffins. These strong, durable coffins are both sustainable & affordable, they come with recycled wood, weight bearing handles. They can look like wood or come in the colour or design of your choice. LifeArt | Make your final footprint matter.


You can also consider burial in a natural burial ground. In Heathfield we have the lovely natural burial ground at Theobalds Green that is managed by Heathfield Parish Council. You can choose to be buried in the open area with a headstone or in the woodland with no marker. For more information Burial Grounds, St Bartholomews – Heathfield and Waldron Parish Council (hwpc.org.uk)

If you want a cremation then there are lots of biodegrable urns on the market to store the ashes in, some you can send out onto water and they dissolve. There are some more alternative methods available, but sadly not many in the UK as yet. Ten eco-friendly funeral ideas | Guardian sustainable business | The Guardian